Social Auxiliary Work (SAW) 

What is Social Auxiliary Work?

Social Auxiliary Work is an act or activity practiced by a social auxiliary worker under the guidance and control of a social worker and as a supporting service to the social worker to achieve the aims of social work. 

What does the social auxiliary worker do?
The social auxiliary worker provides support service to the Social Worker. This means that the social auxiliary worker can assist the social worker in the service delivery on the primary level, whilst the social worker is actively erventions of individuals, families, groups and communities. 

How long is the Social Auxiliary Work training? 

The training is one year, and it includes the practical components wherte a learner gains experitmental training by the actual job he/she is hoping to perform when he she is qualified as a social auxilary worker.

What are the requirements for enrollment? 

To enroll a learner must have grade 11 or grade 12. Two certified copies of ID and 2 certified copies of matric or stamped and signed grade 11 school report. 

How much is the course? 
An applicant first needs to obtain an application form, which is obtainable once a payment of R 150 is received.

A deposit/Registration fee of R7000 is required prior to commencement of classes. After the deposit, monthly installment of R1300 is paid over a 10 month period.

Payments are made into the Zuzulwazi Development account, provided on request .

Is the institution registered? 

Yes Zuzulwazi Development is an accredited training institution by HWSETA

Are there job opportunities after a person has finished the training?

Yes there are job oppurtunities for qualified learners. however since learners demonstrate different attitudes and hunger towards self-advancement, certain learners are likely to find employment much quicker than others. 

The commitment and attitude that a learner demonstrates during practical training is usually a good indicator of an individuals readiness

Does the colledge find practical placements for learners?

Even though we assist where possible, we prefer learners to identify organizations from areas closer to their homes, and we liase with those organisations to formalise the relationship on the learner's behalf.

How long are the practicals? 

70% of the Social Auxiliary Work training is practicals, and 30% is theory (in class).

Where is the college situated?

We are situated in Pietermaritzburg 288 Retief Street. 

Are there any campuses besides Pietermaritzburg?

No we do not have any other campuses

Does Zuzulwazi have accommodation for learners? 

Yes we do have accomadation. however doe to limited space; it is on first come first serve basis. 

Do learners need to buy stationery? 

Learning material (text books) will be provided for all modules, the learner is required to bring note book. 

What happens in completion of the course? Is there graduation? 

Yes once the learner is fully competent and compiles with all the requirements, there is a graduation ceremony that is organized by the college. A learner is allowed to bring along at least 4 of his/her family member, to join in celebrating the graduation after a year of hard work. 

For Early Childhood Development (ECD) 

What is Early Childhood Development (ECD) training?

Early Childhood Development is training that is aimed at those who are passionate about working with children,including those that want to teach Grade R learners or creches, and also those who wish to open their own creches,  or work with young children.

What does ECD training consist of?

ECD training looks at the important phases in the development of children, and empowers learners to understand, identif d impleme ning plans that address the needs of individual children. 
The importance of the development at this phase is that, it sets the tone for the life-long learning for an individual.

how long is the training?

the training is 12 months 

What are the requirements for enrollment?

Requirements are Matric Certificate / Grade 10 (std 8)stamped report and ID copy (2 certified copies for each) 

how much are the fees and where are the payments done?

Tuition(Course) fee = R12000.00
Application Form fee = R150.00
Registration Fee = R1800.00 (paid before starting training)
Payable in 12 month installments(R850.00 pm )

Is the institution registered? 

Yes we are registered with the ETDP SETA     Accreditation No 10771 - Reg No 2298

Contact details if you want to verify 011-372 3300

Is the Institution responsible for finding learners employment? 

No, what we do is offer our learners quality training which involve theory and practicals. The combination of practicals and theory comes as an advantage in terms of gaining experience wheter you want to be employed or self employed

Do you find practical placement for learners? 

No we do not find placement for our learners. however we can assist if learners require our help. We usually recommend that learners identitify early childhood centers around their areas, for ease of access, and with communities where learners are known.

Where is the college situated? 
288 retief street Pietermaritzburg. 

Do learners need to buy stationery?

Learners are required to bring only the notebook and pen, textbooks are provided by the institution .

Do they graduate after completing the course?

Yes after finishing the course there is a graduation ceremony that is organized by the college.