About the founding Member: Amanda Memela 

Amanda is a Qualified and Accredited Social Worker in Private Practice, Registered with the South African Council for Social Service Professions, Registration No 10- 13163. A Member of the South African Association of Social Workers in Private Practice, an accrediting institution for Social Workers in Private Practice in South Africa. Registered with the Board of Health Funders with the practice no: 8909121. Accreditation as a Social Worker in private practice was obtained in 1999. Qualified Assessor and Moderator in Social Work and other related fields of operation. Has twenty five years of practical experience and wealth of knowledge in the field of social work and facilitation of educational workshops. 

Amanda is passionate about providing necessary tools In empowering Individuals, Families, Groups and Communities with knowledge and skills that lead to life-long self-reliance. She has dedicated much of her professional life in equipping individuals, families, groups and communities to realize their full potential through strength- based approach.